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Lavender is an aromatic, evergreen shrub that thrive in full sun and well-drained soil. Varieties of the Stoechas, Angustifolias, and Lavandulas are the most commonly cultivated. Stoechas, or Spanish lavender are used primarily as ornamental plants because of their showy bracts and blossoms. All of the most commercially significant lavender cultivars are in the section Lavandula and all come from three species: L.angustifolia, L. x intermedia and L. latifolia. These three species are commonly referred to as true lavender.

 Mountainside Lavender grows both Lavandins (a cross between Lavandula angusifolia and Lavandula latifolia) and Angustifolias. Lavandins are often referred to as French Lavender and are characterized by longer stems and high oil yields. Angustifolia, or English Lavender, are smaller plants, have earlier bloom times and have a generally sweeter scent.