Lavender is a relatively easy plant to grow if you know just a little bit about its needs. 

Here are some tips on growing lavender:

  • Choose plants that are known to grow well in your climate zone. Your nursery can help you with this.
  • Space your plants so there will be plenty of room for air flow around the plant once it matures.
  • Place plants in an area where they can get lots of sun.
  • Make sure the soil has very good drainage. Lavender hates to have "wet feet"
  • A soil pH of 7.5 is ideal. If necessary, add lime to increase pH.
  • Make sure the hole is big enough to accommodate the root spread.
  • Mix a little bone meal in with the soil at the bottom of the hole when planting.
  • Prune plants in early spring or in the fall after harvesting for good plant shape and flower growth.
  • Remember not to "baby" your lavender. They seem to thrive on near neglect!